Integrity Cymru – For All Your Communication Solutions In Wales

In our latest blog, we wanted to highlight the alternative services we can offer through other members of the £60m turnover Integrity Group. At Alliance, we wanted to shine the spotlight on the group’s newest division and our near neighbours: Integrity Cymru.

Who Are Integrity Cymru?
Integrity Cymru is a customer communications provider, whose operations are designed to serve the specific requirements of clients across all business sectors in Wales. It is a client-led business that enables organisations to both connect and communicate with their customers and stakeholders efficiently and allows them the choose the most effective channel to communicate through.

Based in Cardiff Bay, Integrity Cymru understands the unique challenges faced by its customers in Wales. Whether it is handling the regulatory requirements of the Welsh Assembly, or the needs of Welsh language speakers, Integrity Cymru aims to drive enhanced value and cost benefits through their highly personalised communication solutions.

If you have not come across Integrity Cymru before, you can read more about the services on offer below…

What Sectors Do They Operate In?

Public Sector: With a focus on reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and offering a variety of channels, Integrity Cymru’s work in the Public sector is set to serve its customers physically and digitally.

Private Sector: Integrity Cymru can help avoid the pains of stringent regulatory demands and allow serving customers to be a far more fluid operation. The company invest time in understanding our markets, so customers can be assured that they are in capable hands.

Housing Sector: Satisfactory engagement with housing residents is critical. Integrity Cymru can help transform the way our clients communicate rent and service charges to their customers and ensure low levels of queries and high standards of satisfaction.

What Services Do They Offer?

Print Communication: Printed communications remain the single most effective call to action you can send to improve engagement.

Text Communication: SMS Messaging is a great medium to integrate into campaigns to reinforce calls to action.

Web Communication: Personalised URLs or bespoke web platforms can encourage your customers to engage in direct interactions with you online.

Email Communication: Effective, targeted and tracked emails can play a cost-effective role in broadcasting communications to your customer base.

How Do I Contact Integrity Cymru?

If your business needs support or advice on creating and delivering brilliant communications, then our team would love to talk with you. Contact them to learn more about their work through their website, which can be found here.

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